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The Program

When you use the Take Charge program, you will work through seven lessons. Each lesson takes about 20-30 minutes. Generally, you will complete one lesson each time you come for a therapy appointment. These lessons cover a variety of topics such as: how pain impacts your body, mind and activity, learning new pain management skills, and managing your emotional reactions.

You will hear from experts and other patients about ways to manage your pain. Take Charge will help you track your pain and your progress toward recovery. The program will help you use the skills you already have, and develop new tools to manage your pain. Because you work individually with the computer and your therapist, you can learn and practice these new skills at your own pace.

Completing a Take Charge lesson on the computer is just the beginning. You will have the opportunity to discuss what you cover in the lesson with your therapist during your treatment.  What happens, away from the computer, will make the real difference. Putting into practice what you discover and following through on the exercises and activities is what makes the program work.